Storage & Retrieval

What is the tooth stem cell collection process?

Don't wait until your child starts to lose their teeth before you make your decision. Enroll now and follow our simple 3 step process to ensure you're immediately prepared to safely return the teeth to our nearest laboratory.Always ensure that your child brushes their teeth regularly, (at least twice a day) and uses a mouthwash. Step 1 - Tooth Collection Enroll with us, and we will send you a tooth collection kit. The tooth collection kit includes easy to follow instructions. Please read ... Read more

Can I donate the cells?

When you enroll for the BioEden service, you will be offered the opportunity to consent to donate any excess tooth cells. BioEden will provide these cells to leading academic and clinical research centres to help further the progression of this technology to useful clinical applications. BioEden will only provide cells to researchers that have full ethical approval for their research and will be guided by our Advisory team as to the most appropriate research to support. The cells will be donated in accordance ... Read more

How do you guarantee my child’s cells are secure and all the information I give you is confidential?

Our laboratory is within a high protection building with 24 hour security personnel and limited access. As soon as we receive your tooth cell storage order, we allocate you with a unique customer reference number also featuring your child’s name and date of birth. All our procedures are governed by the Human Tissue Authority, and we are also bound by the Data Protection Act. Read more

How long is the sample stored?

Your tooth cell samples are stored for as long as you maintain your contract with us. Read more

What do you do with my child’s tooth cells over the years?

We store the cells on the registered child’s behalf, and we continue to do so for as long as you maintain your contract with us. Read more
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