In depth

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are of significant scientific interest and the subject of an ever increasing amount of research aiming to apply stem cells as medical therapies for the regeneration of human tissue. Stem cells are specialised cells which have the ability to replicate and transform into a range of different tissue and organ specific cell types. Stem cell therapy involves the delivery of cells to augment, replace or initiate the production of essential molecules or matrix from cells that are missing or ... Read more

What is the tooth stem cell collection process?

Don't wait until your child starts to lose their teeth before you make your decision. Enroll now and follow our simple 3 step process to ensure you're immediately prepared to safely return the teeth to our nearest laboratory.Always ensure that your child brushes their teeth regularly, (at least twice a day) and uses a mouthwash. Step 1 - Tooth Collection Enroll with us, and we will send you a tooth collection kit. The tooth collection kit includes easy to follow instructions. Please read ... Read more

Autologous vs Allogeneic?

BioEden only offers the storage of cells for 100% autologous use. An autologous stem cell transplant uses the patient’s own stem cells. Advantages over Allogeneic stem cell transplant includes; no immune reaction or tissue rejection of the cells, no immunosuppressive therapy needed and significantly reduced risk of transmission of communicable diseases. Read more